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Frame Warranty
One-year after date of purchase frame warranty against manufacturer defects. Terms and conditions apply. Our frames have been manufactured and proven to stand at least one year with hard riding use.

Components Warranty
TEMPERED components have different terms and conditions, and periods of warranty depending on the product. All components have a one year after date of purchase warranty against manufacturer defects. 


Terms and Conditions

  • Valid Warranty does not apply to soft goods, plastic or rubber products. 

  • This warranty does not cover damages due to wrong use, damage on purpose and/or non-riding related damages.

  • This warranty does not cover damages like dented or bent tubes, and stripped threads. 

  • This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper adjustments, modifications and/or customisation to products such as cutting tubes. 

  • All products must be fitted by a certified bike mechanic. 

  • This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or anything other than defects in workmanship and material. 

  • This warranty does not cover already warrantied products.

  • Valid Warranty only covers the original purchaser with receipt of purchase with correct name on it.


  • TEMPERED does not guarantee that the damaged products will be replaced with the same exact model and colour.

  • Please do NOT send any damaged products to us without contacting us first.

  • If you live outside of the Australia, please contact the store from which you purchased the product, or the authorised TEMPERED distributor in your country.

  • Shipping charges for warranty claim products may apply. 


Even though we use great materials and heat treated products, dented tubes, bending and general wear and tear can still happen. Whether a product warranty is deemed valid or not will ultimately be determined by us TEMPERED.


For any TEMPERED product warranty claim, please bring or send the product with the original receipt to the shop/store where you purchased it. Once the shop receives the product, they will get in contact with us TEMPERED whereby we can make an assessment of the warranty claim. 


If you have any inquiries or questions email us here. Please provide as much information as possible, including your name, name of store, phone number & photos of product.

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