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Tempered Zephyr BMX Grips - Flangeless - Black

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Tempered Zephyr BMX Grips - Flangeless - Black

These are our super popular and unique patterned Zephyr BMX Grips. A Long lasting, soft and comfy BMX grip, extra long 160mm, Include plastic bar ends and feature our signature Zephyr design. The Zephyr design is that of a magic carpet design; Zephyr means a light fabric in a gentle breeze or in other words a magic carpet. These BMX grips matches nicely with our Zephyr BMX seat. Available in a variety of colours (see product page) as well as a Flanged version. Consider a set of Tempered Zephyr BMX Grips as your next grips.

Tempered is proudly Australian rider owned and run. Support Australian BMX by shopping Australian BMX.

  • Super soft and comfy
  • Extra long 160mm
  • Various patterns for max grip
  • Inc plastic bar ends
  • Magical
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